Who we are

UnitiAsia Partners PLT

UnitiAsia Partners PLT is a Limited Liability Partnership established as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for investors to participate in (Investment Waqf) وقف إستثماري project in ASEAN Mall@Pattani, Thailand.
We welcome you to be part of this noble project. You can be a Limited Partner in UnitiAsia Partners PLT by contributing a minimum RM 5,000 per unit partnership share through our Waqf Istihmar/Investment Waqf Package. Other than rewards for our ‘Akhirat’, Investment Waqf also can give you yearly dividen, insya-Allah.

Our Approach


Asean Mall in Pattani, Southern Thailand is one of the pioneer project in Waqf Productive. It is a Muslim Friendly Community Mall that will also serve as gateway to Asean businesses. The Asean Mall is part of the Madinah As-Salam Township.

Asean Mall is a combination of waqf and investment, this land has been leased under the foundations of Madinatulsalam, it has been developed by investors and has completed 95%. We would like to invite more investors to share with us in this Asean Mall investment project. Where an investor will get a return in the form of a dividend and a reward.


— Our Mission

1. To educate people about the important of waqf specifically on investment waqf in ASEAN Mall@Pattani.

2. To raise waqf fund among the communities and entities through programs & such approaches for ASEAN Mall Project.

3. To manage funds collected properly complied with syariah compliance.


— Our Vision

 is to become a great entity that brings people to implementing waqf.