Waqf Istithmar

What Is Waqf Istithmar

Waqf Istithmar also called as Waqf Investment, It is a funds contributed in a Waqf Productive Project where the participant may earn profit from the project.


Your Contribution will give benefits as follows :-

  • Continuous rewards from Allah s.w.t .
    • Save us from the torment of the grave.
    • Protect us from the difficulties on the day of Mahsyar.
    • Alleviate us in Paradise.
  • Improving the economic ecosystem of Pattani.
    • Reducing the unemployment rate of the Pattani people.
    • Provide marketplace for local products and businesses.
    • Creating a new tourist attraction spot in Pattani, Thailand.

  • As an ASEAN Gateway for ASEAN businessmen in order to expand their businesses.

  • ASEAN Mall@ Pattani will be a gateway for ASEAN Businesses to trade.

  • Dividends to the participants.

Next Steps…

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